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Gellin & Borgstrøm
Gellin & Borgstrøm
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Gellin & Borgstrøm 1920-21

According to their scrap book, Gellin & Borgstrøm averaged 8-10 concerts per month throughout Europe.  They offered a very varied program from the classics to the popular tunes of the day, and it did not take long for them to become one of the most popular musical attractions in Denmark. Reading through the newpaper articles, they mostly played for full houses and often people were turned away as tickets were sold out.
Gellin & Borgstrøm plays
Cavalleria Rusticana
Composed by
Recorded June 10,1920
Ernst Borgstrøm plays "Harmony Rag"
Composed by Hal Nichols
Beka Label    Recorded 1918       
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The Accordion Concert

The Accordion concert  Sunday, had filled Jernbanekafeens great hall to capacity, and the two virtuosos of the Accordions, Herman Gellin and Ernst Borgstrøm, earned to the fullest the thunderous applause that followed their performance, so that they after  almost every piece had to acknowledge with some popular melody. Admirable was both Mr. Gellin's performing "Snødroppen" and "A well-known Swedish Melody" and the descrete way in which he assisted his partner, Mr Borgstrøm that with astonishing virtuosity mastered "Orpheus in the Underworld" and Listzs "Hungarian Rhapsody". Together, the two artists displayed in Padarewkis "Menuet" all their instrument's charm. The Accordions, produced sounds from soft to a full orchestra, reproducing sounds of Clarinet, Horn, Violin and Organ.

That they, alone, are able to fill one evening,  was shown by the applause they harvested, and by the requests there are for their perfomances

Monday, 14, they play at Brønshøj Tivoli, and Tuesday, 15 In Søborghus Inn.
"En På Harmonikassen"


Gellin og Borgstrøm

Recorded 1920
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