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Gellin & Borgstrøm
Gellin & Borgstrøm
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Gellin & Borgstrøm 1926

According to their scrapbook, their European schedule was as follows:

Jan-Feb, 1926  ---- Amsterdam

April       1926 -----Harrogate

May 17,  1926 -----Glasgow

May 24,  1926 -----Liverpool

Aug.14 -Sept 30, 1926 ---Hamburg

In addition to the above, they had several engagements in Denmark
" Hoch Heidecsburg" March
(R. Herzer)
Gellin & Borgstrøm
Recorded in Berlin Maj 1922
Nordisk Polyphon Label
"Positiv Valsen"
(Fred Winter)
Gellin og Borgstrøm
Recorded 1927
As announced, Gellin and Borgstrøm will give a concert tonight at Hotel "Melfar". This morning, Gellin payed us a visit to the editorial office and tells us a little about the program. A lot of the numbers are new, says the smart Stockholmer. Pilgrimschorus from Tannhauser, Orpheus i Underverden, Russian Rag, Holmenkollen Marsch, Overture to  to "The Fairy Hillock", and the Savoy. But not enough with this. As extra numbers we give some of the last American  Charleston's, English Waltz and a new Swedish Midsummer song.
We appear in both costume and Tuxedo, adds Mr Gellin for the sake of completeness, and then bids us farewell with a smiling goodbye.
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