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Gellin & Borgstrøm
Gellin & Borgstrøm
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Gellin & Borgstrøm 1951
Herman Gellin

In addition to maintain his carrer with Ernst Borgstrøm,  he became Business manager of "Cirkusrevyen" when he partnered with Oscar Holst  until 1952.  From 1942 til 1951 he was co-partner for "Helsingør - Revyen".  Since 1954 he toured with his own theater company.
In his rare sparetime, he painted.  The pictures below:

1. Scene from Basel, Switzerland, painted in 1929
2. A self-portrait.

Herman Gellin loved "Show Business" and devoted all his energy to promote Theater shows until his death in 1965.

Modefied Translation
Jan 4. 1965

He loved the theater.    

Chief Executive Herman Gellin died at Frederiksberg Hospital last night.
By Herman Gellin's death, a strong color on the Danish theater's gradually poor palette  is   blotted out.
The director, whose head always buzzed with plans , was an unusual figure - one of Denmark's last originals, which he would call himself  in conversation.
He always said straight out what he thought and felt at the moment. He infected his surroundings with his childish delight, his enthusiasm and its complete trust in the theater ventures, he had started.
He liked not to present his age,  - he was 69 - but felt in his forties. Eventually, however, he got tired. Countless times, he had in recent years, he had to go to the hospital, as his heart could not keep up with the legendary pace.
Last night it stopped beating in his hospital bed at Frederiksberg Hospital where has was admitted long before Christmas.
     It is a severe blow to his faithful wife and  workmate, Mrs. Stella, and this is a big loss to  the bright and cheerful theater and revue.
Gellin, a Swedish citizen and in his youth imperial accordion virtuoso with Borgstrøm, got his wish to become Danish theater director. He was Northern Europe's only chief executive officer.
He loved when people applauded him -
He kept the boy's delight to the last and was also a excellent father for his artists. The stories that flourished around his vital person,  is a piece of theater history in itself.
Mogens Garde

Good Kammerat-
Oswald Helmuth, Herman Gellin's first force in recent years, says -
He was a good companion and friend. One of the finest and most genuine people I have met. Him, I will really miss.

Sled is up--
Stig Lommer, Herman Gellin's close colleague -
He was an exceptional man who wore both his brain and heart  up for the theater. He had always wanted to give the best without regard to what it cost.
A great love of the theater.
Fra "Se og Hør"
     Jan, 1965

Helmuth Larsen, Marguerite Viby, Stella Gellin
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