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Gellin & Borgstrøm
Gellin & Borgstrøm
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Skipper Skram
(Musik - Ernst Borgstrøm; Tekst  Sigf. Pedersen)
Gellin og Borgstrøm
Vocalist Valsø Holm
HMV 1936?

Gellin & Borgstrøm

During the mid to late 30's they were busy touring both Denmark and other european countries and also found time to record several selections, especially songs that were current at the time.

Gellin & Borgstrøm had appeared in Cirkusrevyen every year from 1935 -1941, and then again 1948-1950.
In the years between 1941 and 1946 they performed in two other very popular revues:
Helsingør Revyen 1943, 1944, 1945.
Fællesrevyen 1946.
The 2nd world war put a stop to touring and most of their performances were restricted to Copenhagen and nearby areas.

In 1939 Cirkusrevyen after the season had ended, it was was transferred to Copenhagen as a start for the Gellin & Borgstrøm tour featuring 3 of stars from the Revue: Ellen Jansø, Carl Fischer and Victor Borge, with Oscar Holst as the MC.

Gellin & Borgstrøm

I midten til slutningen af 30'erne havde de travlt med at turnere både Danmark og andre europæiske lande og fandt også tid til at indspille flere plader, især sange, der var aktuelle på det tidspunkt.

Gellin & Borgstrøm havde optrådt i Cirkusrevyen hvert år fra 1935 -1941 og derefter igen 1948-1950.
I årene mellem 1941 og 1946 optrådte de i to andre meget populære revyer:
Helsingør Revyen 1943, 1944, 1945.
Fællesrevyen 1946.
2. verdenskrig stoppede turnéen, og de fleste af deres forestillinger var begrænset til København og nærliggende områder.

I 1939 blev Cirkusrevyen, efter at sæsonen var afsluttet, overført til København som en start for Gellin & Borgstrøm-turnéen med 3 stjerner fra Revuen: Ellen Jansø, Carl Fischer og Victor Borge med Oscar Holst som MC.
"Tiger Rag"

Composer La Rocca
Arranged by P. Frost
Recorded 1938 by
Gellin & Borgstrøm with ensemble
"Dizzy Accordion"

Composer: Pietro Frosini
Recorded 1938  by
Gellin & Borgstrøm
with Ensemble
In 1940, after Cirkusrevyen  had finished in Bakken, it went on tour, but not always without problems. The bus broke down as the pictures show.

Gellin and Borgstrøm utilize the break in their Tour of Denmark to play from the Radio Studio at 12:00 noon, where they present a large, varied program that spans from Ole Bull's "Sæterjentens Søndag" (The dairymaid's Sunday) to "Tiger Rag".

 Partial Translation
From Olga Svendsen and accordion artist Ernst Borgstrøm in "Landsbyen" in Odense

Borgstrøm, who masters his magnificent instrument to perfection, opened the program with a concert department where Liszt` eternal youthful Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 was the heaviest and of course was greeted with thunderous applause. But otherwise the artist's repertoire ranges from the classic difficult thing to popular tunes and pronounced swing.
He had to give a few encores before the audience was satisfied.
Greeted by cheering applause,  Mrs. Olga Svendsen sang some of the songs she has made popular and known all over the country. Her widely embraced mood and still well sounding strong voice, combined with the good showstyle, captured the audience, who cheered in delight. Many extra numbers had to be given, and when "The Light Green Island" was sung, there was enormous applause.
During intermission new ovations came as Kai Larsen as his orchestra played "Orpheus in the Underworld".

Yesterday's cabaret evening was advertised as -"A happy evening"- and one without exaggeration, had to agree with them.
The Audience laughed and applauded from the beginning till the end, except when the young singer Annie Jessen presented her operetta and film songs with her well-trained and musically sounding soprano voice.
Børge Rosenbaum (Victor Borge) was however the man who gave the laughing muscles a workout. He is an absolutely hilarious comedian. To see and hear his opera parody or when he demonstrates the art of making pop songs with melodies given by Audience, was one of the most hilarious and deftly crafted, we heard. Along with Annie Jessen, he performed additionally a parody of 'Länderlappen'- in 'con amore' style.
Accordionvirtuosos Gellin and Borgström were also a pleasant aquantance. Their presentations and interaction is on a high plane, and their repertoire is not the usual. They prefer to stay within the operetta music, where they had several opportunities to show their good interpretations and brilliant technique.
As Master of Ceremony Oscar Holst worked in an extremely likable manner and genuine Danish joviality.
I Aften Har Vi Kronborg Rundet
(Jim Berry & Sigfr. Pedersen)
fra filmen: Det Begyndte Ombord 1937
Sang: Valsø Holm
Gellin og Borgstrøm
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