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Gellin & Borgstrøm
Gellin & Borgstrøm
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Ernst Borgstrom served as the official canadian judge in the "Coupe Mondiale" from 1958 until 1968 when his son Boris took over that duty.

Serving as judge in "Coupe Mondiale" meant travelling to different countries each year, and if it was in Europe, Ernst would always take a side trip to Denmark to visit the family and his old partner, Herman Gellin.  Here are a few pictures from his visit with Herman.
From the left., Melanie and Ernst Borgstrøm, Stella and Herman Gellin.

Herman and Ernst
Ernst Borgstrom passed away April 26, 1981

He always claimed that he had  had a perfect life,

and would not change one day of it.

Ernst Borgstrøm
Accordion-virtuoso, Ernst Borgstrøm, Ontario, Canada, has died, 81 years old.
Ernst Borgstrøm began more 60 years ago his career as one of the world's first accordion virtuosos along with the equally famous accordionist and theater director Herman Gellin.

For well over 30 years ago,  Borgstrøm travelled with his family to Canada, where they established a music school.
Ernst Borgstrøm has published several accordion methods and was a fine educator and composer. He visited Denmark almost every year and is described by his friends as a great and good man.
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