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Gellin & Borgstrøm
Gellin & Borgstrøm
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In 1932, in addition to their regular tours, they supplied the background music for the movie "Han , Hun og Hamlet"  (He, She and Hamlet) featuring the famous comedy team of  "Fy & Bi", (Popular comedy team in silent movies), which became their first movie with sound. Throughout the movie Fy and Bi sang and played accordion, which was dubbed by Gellin & Borgstrøm.

I 1932 leverede de ud over deres regelmæssige tourneer, baggrundsmusik til filmen "Han, Hun og Hamlet"  med det berømte komediehold "Fy & Bi", (Populært komediehold i lydløs film), som blev deres første film med lyd. Gennem filmen sang og spillede Fy og Bi harmonika, som blev i virkeligheden spillet  af Gellin & Borgstrøm.
                 Fyrtaarnet and Bivognen's Sound Movie Songs
Yesterday , Fyrtaarnet and Bivognen's songs from Palladium's first sound movie, which Director Lau Lauritzen is currently
energetically working on, were recorded on the gramophone.
B.T's photographer took a picture of the situation, and with the results shown above.
In front of the microphone Bi and Fy -to the right Lau Lauritzen,
With Gellin and Borgstrøm accompanying the two film celebrities.
In the background right, members of the orchestra can be seen.
Fyrtaarnet & Bivognen sing
"I Medvind og Modvind"
from the movie "Han, Hun og Hamlet"
Music by  Aage Herman & Chr. Thompsen
Gellin & Borgstrøm with Nyhedskvintetten
Recorded 1932 on HMV X 4024
In 1936 Gellin & Borgstrøm appeared in two  movies:
1. A filmed version of Cirkusrevyen
2. "Snushanerne"
Scenes from "Cirkusrevyen" 1936
Short clip from Snushanerne.
Between 1930-40 Denmarks Radio had a music competition every year, the socalled "Lyttervalsen"- "The Waltz of the Listeners". The Danish listeners picked the winning waltz.

Finally "The Listener's Waltz" 1933 was picked. Wednesday evening the 4 final waltzes were played by Otto Lington's orchestra with the assistance of Accordion-virtuosos Gellin & Borgstrom, and the day after the votes came pouring in. The coverage this year was higher than ever before. It proved once again this year that listeners have a fondness for the old-style quick waltzes, and after the votes were counted, it appeared that there was an overwhelming majority for waltz no. 3, which was posted by the young pianist Borge Bøhling-Pedersen.
Lyttervalsen 1933
(Børge Bøhling-Pedersen)
Gellin og Borgstrøm
Recorded 1933
HMV X 4079
Hos Mor Derhjemme I Kerteminde
(L. Howalt)
Gellin og Borgstrøm
Recorded 1933
HMV X 4079
Tillæg fra Cirkus revyen og Nørrebro Teater.
Hvorfor det, Madame? (Cirkusrevyen 1937)
Komponist: Henry Willum
Tekst: Ludvig Brandstrup og Børge Muller
Sang: Ludvig Brandtstrup
Gellin og Borgstrøm
Recorded 1937

Farvel Lille Ven (Nørrebro Revyen 1937)
Musik: Aage Stentoft
Tekst: Ludvig Brandtstrup
Sang:Ludvig Brandstrup
Gellin og Borgstrøm
Recorded 1937
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