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Gellin & Borgstrøm
Gellin & Borgstrøm
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                                                         Bergen 1927

Go to the Lodge and listen to the accordion virtuosos Gellin & Borgstrøm.
Bergen has in recent years had many visits of accordion virtuosos, but the two that perform in the Lodge at the moment, overshadows them. Outside the virtuosity which borders the fabulous, musically it is also a pleasure to hear them. It all sounds like one might have a large orchestra in front of him.
It is then easy to understand that with their playing, as they present it, that they have had great success wherever they performed, both in America and most countries in Europe.
They came from Oslo, where they performed for 6 weeks at Klingenborg Theater. From there should really have travelled to Germany according to their contract, but director Guttorm Jensen, who was in Oslo at the time, arranged it so they could come to Bergen and one must say that film director was very lucky.
The Lodge in its time of existence, can claim credit for many successful evenings with powerful applause, but the enthusiasm which  reigns down there in the evenings, we can not recollect to have heard before.
Thus : Go to the Lodge and hear the phenomenal accordion virtuosos.
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