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Gellin & Borgstrøm
Gellin & Borgstrøm
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Gellin & Borgstrøm 1931

The year 1931 became a turning point in the life of Ernst Borgstrøm. G & B had toured most of the early part in central Europe and were on the last leg which brought them up through the Baltic Countries to Estonia. Here they were booked for a concert in the city of Tallinn September 11, 1931.
That evening, Ernst met a beautiful Estonian singer of light opera --Melanie Nomtak  -- who had the evening off because G&B had " taken over" the concert hall where she normally sang.
That same evening Ernst Borgstrøm proposed and was accepted, and a few weeks later they were married. Interestingly, Ernst could not speak Estonian, and Melanie could not speak Danish, so the spoke German to each other. Once they were married, Melanie moved to Denmark where she learned to speak fluent Danish.

Melanie Borgstrøm became well-known in Denmark in the late 30's and the 40's, as an operetta and show-singer. She performed places like Tivoli's Concerthall, Odd Fellow, Transmission, Lorry, Flagermusen, Rosenhaven and at the OdenseTheater. Melanie also appeared in several revues such as "S/S Baltic", Nykøbing Falster-Revyen 1937, Bakkekroen, the Summer show in Montmatre in 1940 and played Peggy Murdock in "The Ghost Train" which toured in 1945. In addition to that she also performed in Germany, Italy, Russia, and Estonia.                                                                             

Året 1931 blev et vendepunkt i livet af Ernst Borgstrøm. G & B havde turneret  den tidligere del af året i  centrale Europa og var på det sidste ben, der bragte dem op gennem de baltiske lande Estland, hvor de var reserveret til en koncert i byen Tallinn September 11, 1931. Den aften,  mødte Ernst en smuk estisk sangerinde af let opera --Melanie Nomtak - som havde aftenen af, fordi G & B havde "overtaget" koncertsalen, hvor hun normalt sang.
Samme aften friede Ernst Borgstrøm  og blev accepteret, og et par uger senere blev de gift. Interessant, Ernst kunne ikke tale estisk, og Melanie kunne ikke tale dansk, så de talte tysk til hinanden. Efter de blev gift, flyttede Melanie til Danmark, hvor hun lærte at tale flydende dansk.

Melanie Borgstrøm blev kendt i Danmark i slutningen af 30'erne og 40'erne, som en operette og show-sangerinde. Hun optrådte i Tivolis Koncertsal, Odd Fellow, Transmission, Lorry, Flagermusen, Rosenhaven og ved OdenseTheater. Melanie optrådte også i flere revyer såsom "S / S Baltic", Nykøbing Falster-Revyen 1937 Bakkekroen, Summer show i Montmatre i 1940 og spillede Peggy Murdock i "The Ghost Train", som turnerede i 1945. Ud over at hun også udført i Tyskland, Italien, Rusland og Estland.

Milli Nomtak (before marriage to Ernst Borgstrøm)  circa 1929.
Picture coutesy of Tina Craig.
Endla Theater, Parnu, Estonia, where Milli Nomtak performed.
Endla was gutted by fire in 1944 and the Soviet authorities opted not to restore the theatre but to demolish it with explosives in 1961,
due to it being an important symbol of Estonian independence. In 1967 it got a new building, which in 2001 was substantially renovated. It has a 565-seat big auditorium and a 150-seat black-box-type small stage called "Küün". For decades the theatre has had one of the ablest acting companies in the country. The repertoire comprises dramas, comedies, and occasional musicals. From 1968 onwards the theatre has also had a regular summer season, taking advantage of the popularity of Pärnu in that time of the year.
Old Theater
New Theater
Ekstrabladet 4 Sep. 1938

There has  quietly  emerged a new name up in the Copenhagen amusement world and it is a name that probably will be well known. The operetta singer MELANIE BORGSTRØM,  who had her debut in Copenhagen in "Montmartre's" enjoyable show.

Melanie Borgstrøm, born in Estonia, has previously sung a number of great operetta roles at the leading theaters in Russia and Estonia.

Her new "Debut" has progressed remarkably well.. The blonde singer with the big, beautiful voice makes a hit every night with a flattering Viennese Medley. But she reached the highpoint with  the Waltz-aria "Il Bacio", which she sang with much bravura and elegance.
Lyse Lona Ifran Landskrona
(Gösta Bohman)
Gellin og Borgstrøm
Recorded 1930
HMV X3364
"Florentiner" Marsch
Gellin og Borgstrøm
Recorded 1932
HMV Label
Femøre Valsen
Gellin 0g Borgstrøm
Reorded 1932
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