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The following is a list of the recordings by Gellin & Borgstrøm. It is not complete, there are still recordings out there which I am not aware of, however it gives an insight to the amount of recordings they made between 1918 - 1951.

Once again, I want to thank Mats Larsson, Sweden, for getting me started on this project and spending hours researching and cleaning recordings for me. His influence and encouragement inspired me to go on to reseach numerous databases and libraries in many countries.

Dr. Gunni from Iceland supplied me with much material such as pictures, newspaper articles and stories from Gellin & Borgstrom's two tours in Iceland 1930 and 1934. In addition, he had a large collection of recordings of G & B, some which I had the listing but not the sound file, and some that I had not come across in in my research of various databases. They were most welcome to my library.

Also a big thank you to Mads Nielsen, Steffen Appelquist and Kurt Boehme for allowing me to use some of their material. Without their kindness this project would never have been finished.

The pieces in the database marked with an "x" means that I have that sound file.   If any of the readers are in the possession of the songs without the " x "- I would love a copy of it as a MP3 file and also a picture of the label.

Boris Borgstrom


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