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Gellin & Borgstrøm 1929

By now Gellin & Borgstrøm had become a household name. Almost everyone in Denmark were familiar with the Duo. By todays standards, they were as popular as any of the well known pop groups today. They had a very large repertoire, and they knew how to please by playing many familiar tunes that the audience knew. In between they would play some classical music (especially Ernst Borgstrøm) but there main object was to entertain. Their tours now became a larger group of entertainers featuring the popular performers in the entertainment field.

It appears from their scrap book that in1929 they also decided to change the format of their recordings. They added a Quintet, called "Nyhedskvintetten", which would play the rhythmic background, and often they would have one of the popular danish entertainers, be it a vocalist or instrumentalist, as "Guest Artist". These recordings leaned more towards the music which was popular at that time.
Many of the Guests were the most popular show singers and entertainers in Denmark, such as:Vocals  -- Olga Svendsen,Osvald Helmut, Valsø Holm, Schiøler Linck, Erik Bentner, Instrumentalist  -- Max Skalka, The Tognarelli Brothers ( Violin and Banjo).

The accordion Virtuosos Gellin and Borgstrom have become an institutuon. For 15 years these musicians have travelled around the world and played for great audience in many countries, played for Kings and Emperors, played in concerthalls and Variety shows and on the radio. And they have made their name known and popular all over.

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